Working on you, for you.

We all have dreams and ambitions to get somewhere in our lives. But no one truly prepares you for how challenging your journey ahead will be because you have to do it for yourself. You owe it to yourself to chase after your dreams and to also focus on your journey.

I want to write about the anxiety one gets before they are about to embark on a new journey in a hobby or skill. It is normal to feel anxious before you begin any task, that is the indication that we are humans and we are bound to feel that way. The true challenge is in your consistency and effort towards your new found passion because procrastination will also step in.

The journey of blogging has not been easy for me, but I am content with where I currently am. I believe there is a reason why everything happens. So my advice to you today is just start. And work on you, for you.

Starting Afresh During COVID-19

Lin Darcy

Could any of us have predicted what 2020 would have in store?

Sipping a hot white mocha and watching the sun rise over the city skyline from a Hilton Hotel room in Nagoya, Japan, I can confidently say that the possibility of a world-changing pandemic was far from my mind on January 1st, 2020.

Had I taken a glance at one of the newspapers sold in the convenience store down the street, perhaps I might have found a small, ‘by-the-by’ piece regarding a mysterious illness that had been discovered somewhere in the neighbouring country of China printed somewhere towards the centre, far from the front page. Had I been scrolling through social media, maybe I would have seen a brief tweet about a wet market somewhere in Wuhan. Racking my brain, I can faintly remember seeing coverage of what would soon become COVID-19 in an online article at some point…

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Just Start.

I mean what could go wrong? Bag yourself sis. Do it for you. For your brand. If you want to start a blog then that’s where you should go.

I’m starting my dream blog and I feel so great about it. Yes it’s not where I want it to be but I’m just letting it flow and focusing on my talent and what I’m good at.

Adventure 8: Wild Swim

This is such a beaitful article. So authentic and one can tell you are so passionate. I am in awe. I’m inspired. Keep on keeping on❤Lots of love for you.

My Cornish Camino

Here’s the thing about wild swimming- on the one hand, it absolutely fascinates me, I can think of nothing more free than swimming in the wild, but on the other hand, I can think of nothing more petrifying!

I have never been a strong swimmer, neither of my parents enjoy swimming so as children it just wasn’t something we ever did. I hated my swimming lessons at school, I was bottom of the class and never made it more than my 10m certificate. On girly holidays as I got older I’d chill by the pool with my friends and they’d always encourage me, but it was until I was about 30 when I finally felt comfortable saying, “I can swim.”

Now I live by the sea, and I’m married to a person who sails, and who’s livelihood is dependant on the ocean. I also live on the edge of Dartmoor…

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My Recent Anxiety Attack.

Hey loves. Welcome to my blog🧡. Guess who has an anxiety attack last week Friday? Me.

So I was diagnosed with General Anxiety Disorder when I was 15 years old. It was a very hard time in my life but I got through. Even last week Friday was a hard time in my life and I never felt so down like I did. I didn’t physically have the attack it was more like a mild one. Borderline physical and emotional as well as mental.

What triggered it you ask?

A lot of things. I’m what you call the sensitive gal. I act tough and bottle my emotions and I act like everything is okay. While knowing it’s not. So what happens when I do so? I burst and I burst at weird intervals.

But let me get things straight. My attack wasn’t one where like the ones I had in the past, it was different. I felt so down and drained and so anxious about life. It happened on a Friday night. Right before I went to bed. It was hard for me that night. Luckily, I told a very close friend about it but I didn’t exactly telling her that I was going through an episode.

Us Mental Health bloggers, I think we share some traits in common.

  1. We get to a point where we are comfortable with sharing our journey and we think anxiety will never happen to us again. No honey it will.
  2. Coping and dealing with it becomes the last priority on our list because we think we have our anxiety on lock now that we blog about it. No honey it will resurface again if you not dealing with it.
  3. You shamelessly bury yourself in tasks and creative projects and think that your anxiety will magically be over. No honey, the hun is still there and the hun will resurface.

Let’s normalise really taking time off to work on our mental health till we are ourselves again. That’s what I did this weekend. I took time to myself, as always. I can’t get enough spending time alone. I just love it. I get to fall and pick myself up.

I hope my article helped you.

M.L. 🦋🧡

Lessons from being a 20 year old during what could be the most stressful pandemic ever experienced.

Hey loves today my post is about my lessons and journey of being a 20 year old during such a scary and alerting pandemic.

Firstly, I would like to say that never in a million years did I think I would be alive and trying to push myself and my brand during an economic depression. I never saw it coming.

In the beginning, I was scared of watching the news, going outside, going to the malls to get essentials. I was always paranoid and anxious about the future of the world. I was struggling to cope and control my emotions even though I am always seen as the strongest oldest granddaughter and daughter in my family.

My family thought I was strong because whenever we would engage in our daily conversations, I would keep on telling them positive things about my learning and skills in my 20’s. But deep down i was not okay.

I was anxious, scared and mini-depressed because my whole outlook and perspective on life changed within a matter of seconds.

I was staying home for 2 months till I decided I wanted to move back to my uni room because school was getting overwhelming and I felt the strong need and urge to go and be alone and study and find my groove again.

Coming back to my uni room became the best decision ever because I grew. I grew and faced my demons. I grew and faced my fears. I grew and faced problems about myself I had been avoiding with myself. I had very uncomfortable conversations with myself and I used the time to reflect on my past self and my past decisions.

That has been the best decision ever. As a survivor of anxiety, OCD and depression from when I was 15 years old, I never thought the times would come where I would be living in quarantine (this has always been my biggest fear because I feared lit would happen when I was too young and that meant i won’t be able to take care of my loved ones) but now that it is happening, I’m realising this is what I have always been prepared for my whole life. I just never knew it.

When I had severe anxiety in 2015 and the years before that, I never left my room. I was always couped up and was afraid of the big bad world. Till i got a psychologist and also confronted issues I had at that stage then I moved past it and grew from that experience. Now that’s it’s finally happening, I’m realising my true strength and admiring myself everyday.

Each and everyday I wake up and claim positivity over my life. I make sure to be in the best mindset so I can achieve my best.

This is what i have learnt so far.

  1. Never stop practising self care. No matter the form. It can be physical, emotional, spiritual, financial. Never skip that part of healing and learning about yourself.
  2. There is always room for improvement. In every area of your life, you can improve and be better.
  3. Elevation requires separation. I had to separate myself from my family and close friends for a while. I had to find what works for me. I had to find me all over again.
  4. Saying no is okay. I have said no during this quarantine more than I have ever said yes in my whole life. And I am a person who says no a lot but this quarantine time just heightened everything.
  5. To put yourself under pressure only means to stress yourself. I stopped doing that and started viewing myself in a valuable way. I tell myself to take it day by day and see what happens.
  6. My algorithm of handwork and happiness is different compared to my peers and mentors. I should follow my heart. It all comes down to me.
  7. I’m trying the best I can, heck I’m only 20. I should cut myself some slack and really enjoy my company alone.
  8. Success in my eyes will never be measured by how much I have in my bank account. I just want to be haply here and now.

Thank you for reading my posts. I have deided to write what aligns with my soul instead of following what others are doing. It is my blog afterall.

Motso Lifestyle 🦋🧡

My Journey in Becoming a Freelancer.

So I am a second year student at university and I recently started blogging part-time and although its not easy this is what I have learnt so far. I have learnt that university takes most of my time and sometimes I am usually torn between learning how to finance myself and study for my degree. But the thing is you can do both. It just takes discipline and focus. I am going to complete my degree even if I lose motivation for my degree because at the moment, my university room is the one that is keeping me safe and making me learn about myself. I am grateful for the fact that I got to go to university even during this time when degrees are being questioned because people are making money online.I  am not feeling the pressure of making money at all because I base my success on happiness. If something doesn’t make me happy then I wont do it.

I have been very hesitant to become a freelancer because I didn’t really take the initiative to jump into it because I wanted to free lance my blogging skills but in this journey I have learnt that I have been restricting myself so much and I haven’t been trying different things. I am ready to try different things, to fail, to succeed and to lose in the process because truth is I have been too comfortable with myself.

So here’s to my journey of being a freelancer and to me sharing it with the world.

Motso Lifestyle.

Why I decided to start exercising.

Hey loves welcome back to my blog. So this is a new series on my blog where I will share with you my journey as a beginner in this hectic world of exercise.

Quick Backstory:

So, for my uni students out there, I don’t know how if y’all can relate but remember how at times we would binge drink at uni and pass it off as having fun and enjoying yourself?

Well I fell into the trap of that mindset in my first year of uni and for like 2 months in 2020. So we could say I was living like that for 1 year 2 months.

I don’t know why I became an olympic drinker all of a sudden, I think it was the environment. So in the process of doing so I lost my health and also I made bad health decisions. I also lost myself.

But if it weren’t for the lockdown, I wouldn’t have known that I was slowly but surely destroying myself and my future. When lockdown happened in my country, I felt stagnant. I was like where to go next. I was sad that I wasn’t going to go out there and enjoy my 20’s like I used to before. I thought I wouldn’t survive.

But even though I was living that life, I was still ambitious and I was really new in the blogging game at that time. There was still a serious me of course.

The lockdown helped me reflect, analyse and put my life in perspective. And sis, I learnt that I was sleeping on myself this whole time and I will never, ever do that ever again.

So I started exercising properly in June a and I had a plan and my plan was to exercise everyday and work on different areas of my body. But 3 weeks into everything I realised that I was overworking my body and not giving myself the time to rest and let my body recover and that is what the next topic on my blog will be on. It will be on the mistakes I have noticed and made so far in my 3 weeks of gym.

Thank you for reading my work.

Motso Lifestyle 🦋🌻

My journey in self love.

How can you as a person write so religiously about something but not really practise it?

I have a self-love series on my blog because I am a huge advocate for it and I believe it is something that one will never stop working on because self-love comes with choosing yourself. How can you love yourself if you don’t choose yourself?

I wont lie I am not the type of writer to write just for the sake of writing. I have to stay true and love my work because that is when I am my truest and I am myself. The beautiful part I have discovered about blogging is that there is no manual on how to do it and how to make the perfect blog posts. Instead I need to experience something and truly feel it. Because I am truly growing into this identity of becoming a writer.

I have also learnt the art of not pressurising myself. As a university student, I am trying to navigate my academics, future side hustle opportunities, learning, finding myself and also trying to navigate such a saturated world like the one we live in. I have learnt that it is not about how I look. Its about my intent, value, passion and love. Sounds easy right? But at times it seems like the most difficult thing ever because I hate forcing myself to do things I don’t want to just because I see the world going in a certain direction and now I need to take that route.

My outlook is simple, there is room and space for all of us to prosper. Let me repeat it again: “There is room and space for all of us to prosper” and that is my tagline, motto, mantra, whatever it is called. Because I believe we are truly living In the best times as content creators and all our niches are still existing and I also believe there will be more new niches to discover hence I realised that patience is very important in this journey.

In this journey of loving myself , I have learnt to say no. Yes, saying no is not easy but its worth it and rewarding because you end up realising that you have gained more discipline and self respect for yourself. Friends, family and people around you don’t ever need to understand you, choosing yourself is okay. You don’t even have to explain why. If people don’t accept your nos or they act funny towards you then you already can see and know who will support you and be there for you.

In the journey of self love, you will confuse many, surprise many and even make your close friends feel uncomfortable but do it anyway because you are valid and you matter. You come first in everything. The right ones will appreciate you and respect you for choosing yourself.

So to my 20 year old creators out there, learning the ropes and tides of this blogging content creation world, hang in there and stick to your dream because I am definitely sticking to mine.Study hard and study excellent because that degree will surely come in handy, it must.

So from me to you: Thank you for reading my post

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