Work on you.for you.

Working on you, for you.

We all have dreams and ambitions to get somewhere in our lives. But no one truly prepares you for how challenging your journey ahead will be because you have to do it for yourself. You owe it to yourself to chase after your dreams and to also focus on your journey.

I want to write about the anxiety one gets before they are about to embark on a new journey in a hobby or skill. It is normal to feel anxious before you begin any task, that is the indication that we are human and we are bound to feel that way. The true challenge is in your consistency and effort towards your new found passion because procrastination will also step in.

The journey of blogging has not been easy for me, but I am content with where I currently am. I believe there is a reason why everything happens. So my advice to you today is just start. And work on you, for you.

Remember that when working on yourself, you are doing it for you and no one else. This life is 100% your responsiblity. You owe it to yourself to give yourself the life you have been dreaming about.

Invest in yourself. Invest in your future. Invest in your dreams now, your future self will thank you and be grateful for that.

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Anxiety still attacks me but I have learnt to deal with it and accept it.

Hey loves. Since we have been in lockdown and quarantine for the past few months, mental health has also been a growing pandemic because now we are met with a lot of situations and experiences that just scare us.

Let me tell you, even before this quarantine I used to be anxious to go outisde because I would be scared and now that we are at home and we only travel for essentials, I still get anxious because we are living amidst a pandemic.

But what I know for sure is that there are better days coming before us. Maybe I am forced to deal with my anxiety now instead of later because that’s the way it’s meant to be.

So sometimes I get anxious thoughts about my future, health, business, brand you name it. It’s like I’m a very ambitious person but my anxiety will trick me into believeinv that things will go wrong without me even trying and that’s a huge problem for me because i am a new entrepreneur in the game and i know thar entrepreneurs battle the most trickiest mindgames because it’s all about mindset.

Pushing for my brand around these times hasn’t been easy but it’s building me because i know it’s for a greater cause.

I am building mental strentgh ans resilience after all. So on this journey, be gentle with yourself. You are trying the best you can❤

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My sick days.How I’m managing to cope.

Hey loves. I hope you guys are well. I’m not that okay because I’m currently working on fighting a cold flu. How did it start? Well last week my mom walked to our local supermarket and we were going to clicks to buy medicine and vitamin c for these upcoming months because now in South Africa we have hit the peak of the winter season which means we are prone to having flu and colds.

So while we were on our journey to walk there it was around 2pm in the afternoon but the weather was not agreeing with. The sun was out but it was a bit windy and cold so I think that’s where I got the cold from because sometimes you don’t realise how the cold just seeps in your body and boom you sick.

And I started exercising around 7am at our local sports field and it’s also cold around that time.

I could go on and on about being sick. But what has been sick taught me? Not to give up on my goals and stay on my goals no matter. It’s in these hard days where my true character will be built because I have to push through it and not feel sorry for myself. I took the day off on Friday. I was in bed the whole day watching enlightening YouTube videos on boss babes because i want to become one. Even though i was sick I made sure to use the time valuably because time lost is never regained.

I got to a point where my dreams wake me up and I answer. Today I woke up at 11:32 pm and I had slept around 7:45pm the previous night. I hardly got any sleep but i was going to feel guilty if I just laid in my bed and scrolled aimlessly cause I know at the back of my mind I have goals to achieve.

I guess I’ll rest once I go for my first solo vacation ever.

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Breaking the Nail Habit.

Hey loves. So let me tell ya’ll about how my quitting nail biting journey has been. It’s been 26 days since I bit my nails. Well let me say 26 days where I haven’t had the urge to bite my nails at one go.

This is the longest time I have went without biting my nails. Like in my entire life and it feels amazing. I feel like crying but I’m not going to because I’ll get very emotional.

I never thought I could go so long without biting my nails but I did and it finally happened when I let go of my nail habit.

I have always been the type to look at other people’s nails and crave having nails like them and since we are in quarantine I have decided to use this time to really implement good habits into my life. To choose habits that don’t make me anxious anymore or feed off my anxiety.

Being addiction to nail biting is a real addiction and a real thing. It becomes part of your daily habit. And you start doing it everyday and that is bad.


Pushing through my bad day.

Hey loves welcome back to my blog. I am so grateful for all the support I have been recieving but the truth tis I struggle with showing up sometimes. I believe in my capability and strenth but today I struggled. I had a meltdiwn and this is what happened. :

I woke up at 1am and I slept at 7:3o pm yesterday. Then I did my normal contnent creation process and I got out of bed before 4am then made my bed and went to my desk to go work.

I then wrote down a bit becase I love journaling and after that it was already 5am and I realised that I a=had to study. But I wasnt feeling good because I have lost my motivation for studying slowly but surely and thats because online schooling has made me procrastinate and find other passion outlets like blogging.

To be continued….


University Lessons: Being Alone.

Hey loves welcome back to my blog. Today I will be speaking about my university journey and also being alone. I am currently back at university and it’s been 2 weeks going into my 3rd week sinceI ha .have been back. This is what I have learbt during this quarantine.

I stay alone which is awesome because I used to have a roommate last year and it was not an easy road but we compromised a lot.

I knew deep down in my heart I wanted to stay alone so this year I made sure to stay alone because I love my space literally. I could be in my room alone the whole weekemd and choose to stay in. I remember before the pandemic, I would gk to school and as soon as school was over, i would rush back to my room to stay inamd recharge.

So being alone during these times has a beaitful yet very emotional journey. The loneliness that comes from choosing yourself and choosing your goals is real.

To be continued…


Is it possible to remain friends with an ex?

So I have this ex right? We were friends we met in the same year of uni. In our first year we instantly connected

But things happened and things went sour

Should we remain friends or should we cut each other off?

Some people can’t remain friends.

To be continued…


Reflections of my past money decisions and instant gratification attitude.

Hey loves. I hope we are all well. Happy Sunday to you all. Today I’m talking about my most dreaded and scariest topic: Money. Yes you heard me money.

To be continued…


What has corona taught me about being a female second year university student?

Okay so I’m about to talk about one of the most scariest experience I ever went through during lockdown. I got stalked amd followed. I never thought it would happen to me. We read about it in the newspapers or on social media till it becones you in that situation and you gotta make a plan and fight for your life.

So I still remember the date of when this incident happened to me. But I won’t disclose it but this incident happened a week after I was settled back at my off campus accomodation.

So on a Sunday Morning I decided to go shop for essentials which was toilet paper. And on my way there I passed my university building so I thought I was safe but no I wasn’t. I passed a blue taxi and inside of it, this suspicious looking man greeted me, it was like he has been waiting for a female to pass so he can talk to them.

He then greeted me and I ignored him. I always ignore men whenever they greet me. Their tone just puts me off. It’s like they sound like hyenas.

Then I walked to the shops and crossed the traffic lights and before I got to the shops, sonething told me to look back and there I saw his face. The man whose greeting I ignored, follwed me to the shops.

To do what? I don’t know.

I’ve never been so scared like that in my life. I knew then and there that this man has an agenda. I was so scared for my dear life.

Before I got to the store, I stopped in my tracks waited for the guy to catch up to me and confronted him about following me. I don’t know why I did so but I think it was out pure panic, to be continued…

My Covid-19 Journey

I left home during a pandemic to go and fetch my dreams.

Hey loves. Welcome back to my blog. Thank you for taking the time to read my work.

Well quick update on my life: I am a university student and currently doing my second year of Bachelor of Education.

I left home last week because I realised I needed some alone time to work on myself and my academics because home was great but not that conducive enough for me. So I chose myself and told my mom and gran that I wanna move back to my room and I’ll see them after a few months. It was not easy leaving home after 2 months of being with my granny, mommy and little brother. My granny was very sad to see me go especially during my last week. But she gave me strong words of encouragement and supported me in my decision of fetching my life and fetching my goals.

Durind the last week while I was home I prayed a lot and asked God for strength and wisdom because these are not safe times for anyone especially women in the world right now because we are targeted everywhere. The pandemic has made busy streets turn into quiet,scary deserted places so it’s really scary for us. But everything will be okay and will work out.

So my experience so far? My experience has been amazing and i have truly grown to become very strong mentally and I am able to control my thoughts.

I had always known that I had it in me to choose myself and choose my goals because when I look at it, I worked hard to secure my accommodation now and I wouldn’t feel happy if i was home knowing I could be back in my university room and working on myself.

Positive improvements so far? While it’s been close to two weeks now that I am back, i am noticing positive changes in me and that makes me happy.

For one I have started to be more intentional with myself because I am always alone. I’m also learning more about myself and my strength as a young woman in a very harsh and dangerous society.

So it’s not easy because I miss my family at times but then I think of the great oppurtunity offered to me at hand and realise how blessed I am to have a personal space to call my own. It’s almost like I’m in my mini apartment and I am so grateful.

Sometimes in life we have to make decisons that are uncomfortable and make us grow because that is where we become the best versions of ourselves. I know soon school will be over and I will be back home again enjoying my quality time with my loved ones.

My current mindset right now is to fetch my life as a 20 year old because no one will do it for me. It’s all in my hands.

So if you are also a student and are going back to uni soon or you are already there, I wanted to let you know that it’s not gonna be easy especially if you suffer from anxiety or OCD but I promise you it’s going to be worth it because choosing yourself is always the way and the future you will thank you.

Much Love.

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Mental Health

How to cope with your mental health going forward in the future.

Hey loves, can you believe that the Month of May is almost over and its hitting me like a truck that I havent published enough posts in this category but I am proud with what I have posted to far.

So today’s blog post is on coping with your mental health and giving you tricks on how to trick your mind out of it.

Mental Health is seasonal they say. It can be great today and in the pits tomorrow but honestly we need to fight the good fight and that battle is in the mind.

Millenials are very uptodate and lively people but we also suffer from depression.A chunk load of it. We are at the peak of our lives so we feel as if everything is going fast and progressing yet we arent so we end up being depressed. Okay that’s another post for another day.

I think we are all battling with our mental health during this time because we are mental health story survivors if you get what Im saying. But we are also brave and strong for speaking up about it. We need to acknowledge that and appreciate that.

So here are the ways to cope with mental health.

  1. Journal. Journaling is so important I want to go back to full-time daily journaling cause we have time and this quarantine time is perfect for that.
  2. Planning. Start planning your life out. Yes we are living in uncertain circumstances but what better way to fix your mental health, plan. Think of it like this, when the year started perhaps you had a vision board, like me. Then covid-19 happened and earth closed up. If you are blessed enough to not be affected terribly by this virus, then get back on it. Think of it as a blessing in disguise to assist you in your planning.
  3. Choose yourself. Yes you heard me. Lets be honest its not easy to do so perhaps you in a situashionship or trying to get over your ex around these times, so choose you.
  4. Move your body. Have private dancing parties in your room, music can make a huge difference. This is the best time to practice those dance moves you’ve always wanted to learn.
  5. Exercise. Need I say more?
  6. Cut off whoever and whatever doesn’t grow you. You know what to do , sis.
  7. Work on yourself. Constantly.
  8. Be your own hype man and realise that you have been through worse but you still overcame it and you will overcome this quarantine time.